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Over the years, Pete's and his wife Angela's productions appeared under several "project names".  This was a marketing choice imposed  by the two labels the duo was signed to and gave them the freedom to explore different different styles and atmospheres within the Smooth Jazz and Lounge/Chillout formats. All the tracks of all the albums listed below were composed, performed, recorded and produced by Pete and Angela in their own recording studio in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Pete says: "Love at the time of Bond is without a doubt the pinnacle of my career as a producer. It is a boutique project, aiming to recreate the atmospheres of 1960's lounge jazz in a contemporary soundscape. Apart from the overall quality of the  compositions and of the production, I am particularity proud of the fact that nobody, no matter how experienced, can tell which parts were played live, which ones were adapted from samples and which ones were programmed. I still cannot believe this came out of my own studio..."

Love At The Time of BondGeneve Palace
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Pete says: "Over the years, The Bliss has been the main project for Angela and I. From the self-produced For Real album in 1999, to Silk in 2003  and finishing with The New House in 2005, we mixed smooth jazz with contemporary R&B and soul, collaborating with some real incredible artists . Honestly, I think The New House is a really good album... Participating artists include Montreux Jazz Festival laureate pianist Leo Tardin, American/Israeli rapper David Granite, Spanish rapper Big Uebo, Portuguese piano wizard Pedro Simoes ."

The New HouseThe Bliss
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Pete says: "Planet Groove  is our latest - an most presumably last - stab at music production. In 2017, three years after having settled in Glasgow  and a long time since we had composed/produced anything, we asked ourselves 'Why don't we see if we still have the knack?'  Just for the sake of it, to modestly try to add some beauty to the world, we produced a number of pretty decent tracks. We seemed to indeed be capable of creating some beauty, and after some 10 tracks we left it at that..."

Individual tracks are freely available on YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC:

The full album A World of Smooth Jazz is available for FREE DOWNLOAD HERE (.rar file)


Pete says: "The original music I have written for two mountaineering movies by climbing legend Ermanno Salvaterra is possibly my very best. Still today, I feel it's grand, ambitious, spacious, transparent. I'm a naturally modest person, but I get big headed whe I listen to this... ;-)."

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Film Music and Chillout.jpg

Pete says: "The dozen or so tracks I produced more strictly belonging to the 'chillout' genre "definitely have some beauty, and helped me a lot honing my producer skills."

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