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In Spring 2021, as the restrictions of the pandemic slowly relax, Pete's live music engagements resumed. His main focus is now  Blue Horizon, the band of Glasgow blues celebrity Dennis Smalley, for which he is also Music Director. As of early 2022, the band is performing every week all over Scotland. 


Pete Parisetti calls himself "an Italian from Glasgow", as this captures both his origins and where he feels he belongs. A George Benson-style smooth jazz guitarist, until 2010 he has been almost exclusively a studio artist. The music he composed, recorded and produced with his wife, recording and performing vocalist Angela Higney, has appeared on over 200,000 CDs sold worldwide.

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Around 2010, when the record industry had effectively died and the two record labels he was signed to had gone out of business, Pete, who was living in Geneva, Switzerland, was luckily "sucked into" the swirling, absolutely extraordinary Brazilian music scene setting the underground night life of the sleepy Swiss city alight. For a few years, he played three/four gigs per week, alongside stellar artists of the caliber of Diego Gadenz, Maico Pagnano, Paulinho Ditarso, Carlos da Cruz and Montreux Jazz Festival superstar Diana Miranda, with whom he did the 2012 Europen tour. Pete go so enamoured of Brazilian jazz and culture that he even taught himself the language!

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In 2014 Pete settled back in Glasgow. Since then, and until the big freeze of the COVID pandemic, he has been playing between 100 and 120 gigs a year with a variety of projects. These included Nossa Bossa, the only professional band in Scotland specialising in Brazilian jazz; Impressions, a contemporary jazz quintet; Dear Green Blue, a powerhouse of "Glasgow blues" featuring fellow guitarist John Scott; Blues Deluxe with Alistair Fleming and Tim Clarke;  and Planet Groove, and acoustic project mixing jazz, blues and world music. 

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